Risan: I treat life like it’s a video game — You don’t choose to die. Your objective is to finish the game, and you can only do that if you stay alive in the game.

  • Deina: It broke because of me...
  • Terah: Wasn't your fault. It was going to break anyway. I checked it before we entered.
  • Deina: ...thanks for comforting me.
  • Terah: I wasn't comforting you. I was telling you that your worries are out of place.

At first, it may seem like her optimism and high energy knows no boundaries, but the truth is, she is very insightful and has had some tendencies in the past to cause herself harm.

Blaire was a prodigious Fire spirit guide at the age of three. Because of this, she received primary education from a prestigious school. However, her growing powers ignited the dispute between her parents, and eventually, they decided to separate when Blaire was 7 years old. Hearing about her parents’ decision to be divorced, the young and confused spirit guide runs away into the town of Lerine, eventually finding a new home with a merchant , Marice, who takes Blaire in as her “cousin”.

Her distress caused her to have minimal control over her powers— sometimes they would be powerful, other times they would simply not manifest at all. Despite this, she manages to become a distinguished blacksmith after a few years, using what’s left of her control over fire to create weapons that she sells in the market. Her skills in blacksmithing has earned her dangerous threats from competitors, leading her to run away from her new home again, this time to protect the cousin who adopted her.

Risan recruits her into the clan, claiming that it will be the payment of all the trouble she’s caused for them. She first works as his blacksmith, until she slowly regains control over her element and joins the clan as a regular member.

During the first development of DiWA, I’ve first written her as a “self-proclaimed cutie”. I wanted her to be the character with overflowing self-confidence.

Every time you lie, you will lose a memory.

The mildest chaos in her head then hurled themselves into a hurricane that would later devastate the world she created for herself.

"I look at myself in the mirror everyday, just to make sure that I’m still me in my reflection."
— Frhaine Anderville, prior to Etheraxia
"I don’t need friends! I just need… One person who understands…"
— Frhaine Anderville

Claus Smith, a dark-haired old man working at the trades office, was the first to welcome them. If this meeting had occured a century ago, he would have struck them before they could even reach the border.

The Contract stated that she will be allowed to live, so long as she had more memories to lose. In that sense, she was immortal, as long as she never recovered her memories. It makes a lot of sense, because when those memories are recovered, she might never want to live again.

"Ultimately, we only choose from two options: Either to be true or not."
— Frhaine